Trash Day Moan

Well today is trash day, well actually trash throw out day since they come around tomorrow do to the pick up. Today I have ceiling tiles from my back porch to get rid of. They are so old and are so scratchy when they touch the skin.

Also small branches from the trees that I had to prune. And it’s recycling day also.

Below is a picture of how old and faded the ceiling tiles are. Definitively time for new ones, which is great since I’m remodeling.

Trash removal Moan

Trash night a few weeks ago. I threw out a couch that came with the house. It was huge. I had to cut the legs off and break the back of the couch to fold in a little so I could remove it form the home. I originally thought the previous owners made some doors smaller once they got it in the house or something but I talked to a neighbor and they said the owners actually took out a window to get it in the house!

Now with all that said, guess what? It never made it on the corner for pick up. In the middle of the night it vanished.