Front Yard Garden Criminals – Part 2

Well today looking at their website showing they had a lot of people showing up but noting of substance as to anything really happening yet. Athough since evertying is in French I can only use Google Translate to see what the site says and not the pdf files of the actual documents they have posted.

Nothing on their site say anything of why they are not using the back yard.

Either way I wish them luck in their endever and I’ll be checking back on them.

Front-yard garden criminals

Wow! I know my area has some codes as to what I can and can’t do with my front yard. This one they have is interesting. There is a family in Canada that has gone green with living. They are growing their own food. They made a garden out of their front yard. The problem is this:Where they live it’s reported that only 30% can be for a vegetable garden. I hope they ask for the definition of what is a┬ávegetable since there are several.

Here is a link to their website.

Also July 22nd between 10am and noon they are having a “bed in” to protest this rule.

Note I’m really not sure after seeing the full grown plants it kind does look like an eye sore but then again part of me sees it as nice clean living and living green. You know everything is pushing us to live greener which in turn means more free. So this is a price that is to be paid.

I guess people just have to learn what the new beauty is when living greener.