Back Porch Ceiling Tile Moan

What the heck is this. If you look at the picture you can see they nailed the tile corners together of each and every corner of the ceiling tiles. I noticed this while painting the brown ceiling rails of the false ceiling they had. It’s the first coat of white on the rails.

The picture is taken from me the view point of me laying on the floor taking the photo at a slight angle so we can see most of the ceiling. The ceiling kind of looks like the wall but it is in fact the ceiling. To view the picture tilt your head to the left. Click on the image below to get a bigger view of it.

You really have to think to yourself: What where they thinking? And more importantly what should I be doing about it. Looks like I’ll have to rip that down and put insulation on the ceiling. When I had the roof put on no insulation could be placed on that side.

Back Porch Paint Moan

I’ve got to much junk on my back porch. So much that I can only paint and work on half at a time. I have no inclination to move all the stuff off the porch just to move it back on again.

I can’t wait for the room to be all one color. First I’m working on the ceiling with puttingĀ in insulation and new lights and new tiles. Next comes the walls with new paneling then the floor. In that order.

As we all know dirt floats down wards. So it should be easier on the cleaning.

But while I’m waiting to get the ceiling tiles I’m painting the half I can get to. I’ll do the other half when I can get over to that side of the room.