Furnance Moan


The Beast

The beast of a furnace.


It was a 20 year old furnance that we had fixed from 2007 thru 2009 over 10 times. In the end we had it fixed 3 times in 2 months. We have a home warentee that will pay for fixing but not replacing. Spent over four grand for the new one. We had to save up to get the new one. You see the warentee except for the 50$/visit deductable paid for everything when they were fixing the old one. But I had to take a days pay cut since someone has to be there to get it fixed and in some cases it may be two visits over two days to get the parts to fix it, so one day I would be home, the other my wife. Lost wages anyone?

And remember when I say compeletly rebuilt I mean everything: The computer was replaced, the fan, the tubes, the gas converter thing, the condensation pan, everything execpt the casing and pipes that went outside were replaced at one point. But in the winter it would keep dying, when it was needed the most. The year of the first bad winter in the house in Feb 2010 it broke and finally we had enough saved to get a replacement.

I’m not knocking the warentee, which I still have because I like and need it it’s just that I learned that the warentee I got paid to fix but not replace which is good for some things but not others.

Oh and that four grand is only for the furnance, the AC unit would have been another four grand but it still works at this point.

Other things about the Furnance while I’m talking about it.

And that black hose was actually a cut up garden hose with electrical tape wrapped around it to keep it in place that let the condensation run on to the floor. The floor has a drain on it, but still.

Notice the new furnance all nice and shiny, it’s on a plastic block to keep it off the ground so if the celler has any shallow water leaks or what not it will safe from it.

Tree Removal Moan

Tree Removal. I kind of liked the tree but it had to go. It had the neighbors telephone line in it. So had that removed and another tree removed and a tree capped.

The whole process was a pain. I called five, yes five, diffrent places to come out and give me a quote. I had two that never showed. One that wouldn’t meet with me he showed up and left a written estimate. Two that showed up for me to show exactly what I wanted and they gave me a quote.

The one that left me a written estimate. Of course he got what I wanted wrong on, since I had to tell the person on the phone, not him directly, what I wanted and he came buy and figured out on his own what he thinks I wanted done.

The two that showed up. The first of the two was a bit strange and he gave me a quote. The second of them showed up and was very business like and quoted everything out. The tree cut down cost, the remove cost, the cost if I wanted the roots ground up (which he recomended not to since it was holding up the hill and told me to let it go until the ground plants took in so the hill side didn’t wash away.) so I went with this guy.

They came and in about 45 minutes were done. Total of 2 tree removed and one tree capped.

The first few pictures show how it looked before, then after the cutting and the last few are how the area looks now since I built up the wall on the back hill side.