This blog is ment to be for entertainment purposes only. It is provided AS-IS with no warrenties at all. All content is the rambelings of one guy talking about what he thinks about things and what he did and works for him, your mileage will vary and you should consult a professional on anything that you want to work on.

Remember anything you learn from here may not be correct and you should not try what this homemoaner does.

You have been warned.

Also I will not be using real name and places although the situations are true and happened to me personally.

Other things.

I’m using wordpress I don’t pretend to understand it at all and not sure what tracking it does do on it’s own and at any one time there is really no way to say what tracking technology is used though what company or what I track. Just letting you know. If you don’t like that don’t view my site.

3rd party items.  I am using Google Adsense for advertisements I don’t pretend to understand how they do things. If you are concerned about privacy because of them, I suggest you read up on how they work with your information when tagged though any website. If you don’t like that answer then don’t view my site.

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