About Homemoaners

Short Version 

Ever since I was called a “homemoaner” I’ve thought it would be a good website name for a website for home owners to get together and talk about things dealing with their home. As time goes on with me growing this site I hope that will come to be.

Long Version

I bought my home about 6 years ago. I pretty much was way over my head on this buying and having a home. Although now I think I may have at least begun to have a hold on what it means to buy a home. Remember I’m not saying I bought a house I’m saying I bought a home. You buy a house to have a home. The end product is that you want a home. If you want to buy a house then there are bunchs of houses out there just pick one and be done. But if you are looking to buy a home then you need to look around, and once you find that house you turn it into a home. But you should think about what the house is since that is the foundation of your home.

My wife and I have always wanted a house to call our own. It’s the American dream? Right? So after spending a few years living in a tiny appartment building we found a house and got our selves a 20 year morgage. This web site is a documentation of my journy in realizing my American dream.

You may be asking why did I choose the name: Homemoaners? Well I wanted Homemoaner.com but it was taken. Which is true. But the real reason was though the family grapevine I found out that a cousin of mine called me a “home moaner” while talking to some other family members about what I was talking to him about that had to be done in my newly purchased home. At first I was a little ticked off at the name but after a while I’ve grown to actually like it. It’s funny and has a nice ring to it. And when I listen to other people talking about the items they are working on in their own homes it sounds like they are moaning too. So it really fits even though we are not complaining just showing the real side of living and keeping up a house that seems to just suck all the time, money, and energy out of you. This is even after the careful picking of the house.

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