Bathroom Tub Facet Leaking Moan

Every time I turn off my tub facet it doesn’t shut off all the way. It drips or runs and when I say runs I mean it. No it’s not the water in the pipe from the shower head, not unless a gallon or more can be held in that pipe since it runs all day and all night.

Getting it fixed has been an issue. They plummer comes in and changes the washer and it stops for a while, sometimes months even. But eventually it goes back to leaking. And to boot it’s the hot water line.

Well having the guy come out again and will see what he says. If a replacement fix is covered in my warranty then I’ll go for it, else I just have him fix it the way he has and I’ll make note what he does and use the same rubber rings and do it my self and save me the deductible I have to pay ever time he shows up.