Back Porch Roof Moan

Since I was talking about what the inside ceiling of the roof looked like I figured I should show you the roof from when I bought the house.

Back porch 2006
When the guy did the inspection I was a little worried when he went on the back porch roof to get to the main roof. The video below shows him going to the roof, and it also shows all the moss on the roof. Yep the porch roof would be one of the first things that needed replaced.

Back Porch 2012

The back porch. When I first bought the house the back porch was one of the things we were planing to remodle. The first thing we had to do was to replace the roof.

Next after saving up again because noticed that the side walls of the outside of the proch were deterorating. So had to have them redone. So since need to have them redone we had the siding put around the whole back porch.  I have no idea why when they where putting siding on the back front of the porch they didn’t just put siding aroudn the sides. What they had was painted particle board. Yep you heard me. Particle board. So at the same time we decided to have the side windows removed (figured for heating/cooling issues since room get real cold in winter), and new double hung windows replacing the single pain windows on the back. As all the pictures show.

This leaves us now with the inside of the porch that now has to be done.

Oh I forgot also the patio I wanted to build.

Here is what the back porch roof looked like when I bougtht he place in 2006

Here’s what the roof looks like now. This picture is in the middle of a remodle. New roof, siding, windows, landscaping, etc.

Back Porch Ceiling Tile Moan

What the heck is this. If you look at the picture you can see they nailed the tile corners together of each and every corner of the ceiling tiles. I noticed this while painting the brown ceiling rails of the false ceiling they had. It’s the first coat of white on the rails.

The picture is taken from me the view point of me laying on the floor taking the photo at a slight angle so we can see most of the ceiling. The ceiling kind of looks like the wall but it is in fact the ceiling. To view the picture tilt your head to the left. Click on the image below to get a bigger view of it.

You really have to think to yourself: What where they thinking? And more importantly what should I be doing about it. Looks like I’ll have to rip that down and put insulation on the ceiling. When I had the roof put on no insulation could be placed on that side.

Front Yard Garden Criminals – Part 2

Well today looking at their website showing they had a lot of people showing up but noting of substance as to anything really happening yet. Athough since evertying is in French I can only use Google Translate to see what the site says and not the pdf files of the actual documents they have posted.

Nothing on their site say anything of why they are not using the back yard.

Either way I wish them luck in their endever and I’ll be checking back on them.

Front-yard garden criminals

Wow! I know my area has some codes as to what I can and can’t do with my front yard. This one they have is interesting. There is a family in Canada that has gone green with living. They are growing their own food. They made a garden out of their front yard. The problem is this:Where they live it’s reported that only 30% can be for a vegetable garden. I hope they ask for the definition of what is a vegetable since there are several.

Here is a link to their website.

Also July 22nd between 10am and noon they are having a “bed in” to protest this rule.

Note I’m really not sure after seeing the full grown plants it kind does look like an eye sore but then again part of me sees it as nice clean living and living green. You know everything is pushing us to live greener which in turn means more free. So this is a price that is to be paid.

I guess people just have to learn what the new beauty is when living greener.

Tree Removal Moan

Tree Removal. I kind of liked the tree but it had to go. It had the neighbors telephone line in it. So had that removed and another tree removed and a tree capped.

The whole process was a pain. I called five, yes five, diffrent places to come out and give me a quote. I had two that never showed. One that wouldn’t meet with me he showed up and left a written estimate. Two that showed up for me to show exactly what I wanted and they gave me a quote.

The one that left me a written estimate. Of course he got what I wanted wrong on, since I had to tell the person on the phone, not him directly, what I wanted and he came buy and figured out on his own what he thinks I wanted done.

The two that showed up. The first of the two was a bit strange and he gave me a quote. The second of them showed up and was very business like and quoted everything out. The tree cut down cost, the remove cost, the cost if I wanted the roots ground up (which he recomended not to since it was holding up the hill and told me to let it go until the ground plants took in so the hill side didn’t wash away.) so I went with this guy.

They came and in about 45 minutes were done. Total of 2 tree removed and one tree capped.

The first few pictures show how it looked before, then after the cutting and the last few are how the area looks now since I built up the wall on the back hill side.

Hello. I’m a home moaner.

Well I just got this site and I’m getting it ready so nothing really to show yet. I hope to have my story of how I became a home owner and in turn how that turned me into a home moaner.

Some things I plan on having is how I came to own a home the 3 year story of how I looked and finally found my home, the process I took to buy it and all the fun things that I have been doing with my home.